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  • ERPC Ordinary & Planning Cmtee Mtgs

    ERPC Ordinary & Planning Cmtee Mtgs

    Ellesmere, Shropshire

    Ellesmere Rural Parish Council's next Planning committee meeting and an Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Monday 11…

    Ellesmere Rural Parish Council   |  
    11 Apr 23
  • Annual Parish Mtg  25/0/4/23

    Annual Parish Mtg 25/0/4/23

    Dudleston Heath, Ellesmere, Shropshire

    The Annual Parish Meeting will be held at Criftins Parish Hall on Tuesday 25th April 2023 at 7:30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

    Ellesmere Rural Parish Council   |  
    25 Apr 23